Professor John S Gero

Research Professor
Department of Computer Science and
School of Architecture
University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Formerly Research Professor
Krasnow Institute for Advanced Study
George Mason University

Formerly Professor of Design Science and
Co-Director, Key Centre of Design Computing and Cognition
, University of Sydney




Design Cognition and Neurocognition
Cognitive studies of designing: protocol studies of designing; cognitive studies of design education, role of drawings in designing more
Cognitive neuroscience of designing: the behaviour of the brain while designing more

Design Computing
Social behavior in design - Computational social science:
situated cognition based agents to study interactions in individuals, teams and organizations more
Computational models of creative design: evolutionary systems; analogy; emergence; situated agents, computational social science more
Evolutionary systems in design: genetic engineering; style emergence, complex evolution more
Ontologies: the development of the Function-Structure-Behaviour ontology and its application to designing, to designed objects and to designing processes more
Situated design computing: computation founded on situated cognition concepts that allows the acquisition and re-use of experience more
Visual representation and reasoning: emergence in design; shape representation; qualitative representations

Design Education
Cognitive studies of design education: protocol studies using novel ontologically-based coding scheme that produces quantitative, commensurable results independent of domain, task and participant education and background; projects study high school students, undergraduate students in multiple domains and professionals; projects include longitudinal and lateral studies

Research Funding
Recent research funding for design cognition, design computing and design education research has come from NSF (CMMI, CNS, EEC, IIS and SBE programs), DARPA and NASA

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New Book Quantitative Methods for Studying Design Protocols
by Jeff WT Kan and John S Gero

New International Journal Design Science

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Author, editor or co-editor of 54 books and over 700 published research papers and book chapters.

Over 23,000 citations with an h-index of 69 and in i10-index of 340.

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Short CV

John Gero is a Research Professor in Computer Science and Architecture at the University of North Carolina, Charlotte, and a Research Professor at the Krasnow Institute for Advanced Study and at the Department of Computational Social Science, George Mason University. Formerly he was Professor of Design Science and Co-Director of the Key Centre of Design Computing and Cognition, at the University of Sydney. He is the author or editor of 54 books and over 700 papers and book chapters in the fields of design science, design computing, artificial intelligence, computer-aided design, design cognition and design neurocognition. He has been a Visiting Professor of Architecture, Civil Engineering, Cognitive Science, Computer Science, Design and Computation or Mechanical Engineering at MIT, UC-Berkeley, UCLA, Columbia and CMU in the USA, at Strathclyde and Loughborough in the UK, at INSA-Lyon and Provence in France and at EPFL-Lausanne in Switzerland. His former doctoral students are professors in the USA, UK, Australia, Finland, India, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Singapore and Taiwan.

Current and recent research funding has been from the NSF (CMMI, CNS, EEC, IIS and SBE Programs), DARPA and NASA.

He has been the recipient of many excellence awards including the Harkness Fellowship, two Fulbright Fellowships, two SRC Fellowships and various named chairs. He is on the editorial boards of numerous journals related to design science, computer-aided design, artificial intelligence and knowledge engineering and is the chair of the international conference series Artificial Intelligence in Design, the conference series Design Computing and Cognition and the international conference series Computational and Cognitive Models of Creative Design.

Professor Gero is also an international consultant in the fields of design research, design cognition, computer-aided design, artificial intelligence in design and technology policy.